Trgomen Vele
Trgomen Vele Ltd is principally engaged in the sale of sanitary ware, equipment and accessories, diverse line of bathroom products, paneled, solid wood and upholstered furniture.
We offer broad range of consumer goods needed for property equipment (e.g. houses and hotels). These products range from construction materials to final arrangements that include furniture and home accessories.
Our merchandise is available in our showroom in the Head Office and through a network of wholesale customers. Our wholesale distribution channel involves most of the major cities in Serbia. We are also present in the surrounding countries.
Apart from wide range of domestic goods as part of our product portfolio, we are one of the first major importers of goods from China.
No less significant are suppliers from Macedonia, Bosnia, Italy, etc.
Trgomen Vele ltd is interested in:
·         Sanitary equipment - toilet bowl water
·         Washbasins
·         Basin mixers, bath mixers
·         Shower room (high tray/low tray, square/round, clear
         glass/frosted glass)
·         Single/double movable door
·         Shower panel
·         Granite dimension
·         Ceramic tiles



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