Trgomen grupa
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Klub sto ARAGON Fi 60 - cena -10.500 rsd.
Otoman na otvaranje, dimenzije: 120x43x40 cm - 9.720rsd.;
Stakleni mozaik 33*33 zeleni - 4.347 rsd; Paravan - dupla vrata 1.4m - 16.612 rsd.


Trgomen Grupa

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About us


The company was established in 1988 as a result of sincere desire for commercial success. Since then company has one and only mission and that is to provide our customers with affordable quality products while emphasizing satisfactory long-term relationship.

In March 2011, the primary sector diversification within the group

Trgomen created four new companies: Trgomen Mehanizacija, Trgomen Nekretnine, Trgomen Fabrika and Trgomen Vele.





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